New to forum, my M88A and TT-C

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New to forum, my M88A and TT-C

Postby Trooper Joe » Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:41 pm

Just found this great forum. Lot of good information.

Last week I saw a 9mm, M88A in a gun shop and inquired as to what it was. Shop did not know too much about it so I passed on the price of $269.

Got home, and found one as new for $211 on Gun Broker. It was out of a shop in Wisconsin so I bought it. [Extra mag, box, owners manual and other papers. Looks unused)

Mean time, I found out about the TT33 pistols and this forum. Found a nice Romanian TT-C at Classic firearms, so I bought one.

Just went to the range today and the TT-C was perfect. However, the M88A caused a few problems which I will be working on. Prior to going to the range, one of the magazines that came with the M-88A started failing to hold back the slide on the last shot. After taking the mag apart and adjusting (bending carefully) the follower, I sort of got it to work, but not always. Today, the good mag, started to act up also.

The most serious problem however is an occasional fail to fire. The firing pin strikes the primer (right on the edge of the primer near the brass) and sometimes the round did not go off. It usually did after cocking the hammer a second time. Was using Blazer Brass so I tried some R-P ball ammo. This ammo was worse.

So, I tried some Hornady critical duty and each round went off as it should.

Any thoughts on what is going on? The only way this could be corrected so that the firing pin is hitting near the center of the primer is to relocte the firing pin hole in the breach face. Don't feel like spending the money on that.

Did take the firing pin out when I got home [yes the ball bearing detent in the safety is now nowhere to be found/heading to the hardware store tomorrow morning :)]

Did see two springs surrounding the firing pin so I left out the large one near the rear of the firing pin. Don't see a reason to have it and less spring pressure may make for more positive ignition. [Any thoughts on this?]

Anyway, I am glad I found this forum and am really enjoying shooting the Romanian TT-C.

Trooper Joe
Trooper Joe
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Re: New to forum, my M88A and TT-C

Postby Garandman » Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:32 am

I'm pretty sure that second spring is needed. It helps with keeping it all together.
I like the guns from Yugoslavia. And Serbia. They have some unique changes and variety to them.
Sadly they have some bad quirks as well.
If your problem with firing pin strikes persist you may want to put in a new hammer spring. Wolff sells them..
If the hole is off center you'll want to send it back for exchange. Unless you have a machine shop handy. Plus a good welder.
I've got a couple yugos but no m88. Just the m57s and a tt 9. A very old import from 1988-89. It uses the same safety as the m88 but I've never taken off apart.
The Romanians are underrated in my opinion. I've got one of them as well.
Keep us informed.
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Re: New to forum, my M88A and TT-C

Postby routeus1 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:40 am

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Re: New to forum, my M88A and TT-C

Postby Trooper Joe » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:09 am

Thanks guys,

That is good to hear reference the M88A. I think I will try the Wolff spring kit with the extra heavy mag springs. (to address the fail to hold open issue)

I have had other guns that strike the primer a little off center, just not as much as this one. Maybe a stronger hammer spring will do the trick. Relocating the firing pin hole will probably be a deal breaker on this gun. Hopefully I won't have to since it does fire most of the rounds.

I already replaced the large spring to the rear on the firing pin. The schematic says something about a "centering" spring so I guess it is needed.

Reference the elusive safety detent ball bearing, is that all that part is or is it designed as sort of a plunger assembly? I am going to try a regular ball bearing and see if that works.

I already ordered 2 Norinco 213 magazines from Numerich. They are supposed to work in this gun.

Thanks again,

Trooper Joe
Trooper Joe
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