Some CCW questions

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Some CCW questions

Postby whitelightning777 » Fri May 29, 2015 1:43 pm

I have a TT-C and it appears thin enough for possible CCW. When chambering a round, are snail type containment systems effective against 7.62x25?

I've never had an accidental discharge before, but having to lower the hammer without a decocker could in theory lead to one. I know about pulling it back to lock it up tight & that feature works. The TT-C also has an additional safety added for importation. I see no reason to get rid of it. The gun fits into the holster just fine.

Does anyone make soft point or hollow point ammo or is that something you must do yourself? Assuming you can get just the bullets, is it OK to just pull the FMJ ones out and replace them with hollow points if you did get into handloading? FMJ is not hard to find. There are at least 2 locations where I can buy it. Especially with the PPS-43C being out there, it's hard to believe that no hollow points have been sold or not available anymore.

I understand that Wolf Gold and a few others used to sell them, but where is a current source?

I already have a P64 pistol in 9x18 and found critical defense hornady for that one, which works fine. Although smaller and less powerful, might that be a better choice?

Now, I just have to get a CCW from Maryland. I'm an armed guard on a federal site. I used to drive armored cars including the night shuttle. (the one with all the $$ that you don't see during the day)
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Re: Some CCW questions

Postby Garandman » Sat May 30, 2015 4:52 am

Wolf gold is one. I think prvi out of Serbia offered one as well.
You can unload for it. And yes it's possible, and been done often, to pull the fmj bullet and replace it with a hollow point round of EQUAL weight. A heavier or lighter bullet with the same weight of powder will cause you no end of problems.
As to carrying concealed, chamber empty, hammer down. That's the only way I'd carry any of mine. Except the m70a. It has a far better slide mounted safety.
Plus I drop things, even guns, so I try to be more careful.
It personal choice and practice.
P.s. for ammo try
If you can't find it anywhere else. You can ask to be notified when it's back in stock.
The guys over at are great sources of knowledge.
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