New guy notes...

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New guy notes...

Postby Gnarl50 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:53 pm

Ahhh, those infamous Tok sights; got into the wife’s nail polish when she was out. Soup cans at the gravel pit really fear me now. ... 124253.jpg

Reloading this cartridge takes some experimentation; hollow points work rarely, sabot loads about 75% of the time (tips seem to jam on the edge of the barrel ramp). I’ve had excellent results with 85 gr softnose projectiles on 14 gr of W296, prolly going to be my carry round. ... 124497.jpg

For target shooting, 110 gr FMJ feed quite nicely with 11 gr of 296 behind ‘em. ... 124549.jpg

A good plinker load uses the same bullet, but with 5 gr of TiteGroup to give it wings.

I’ve tried several brands of plated bullets, but even in low loads about 20% of the shots fly way off group; I’m thinking maybe the plating is being compromised by the strong crimp? Think I’ll stay with FMJ’s for now.

Did I mention there’s another TT-C in the mail with my name on it? ;-)
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