Question about Chinese T 54- slide jams

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Question about Chinese T 54- slide jams

Postby scoobysnacker » Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:37 am

I'm having a problem with one of my T-54's (a 7 digit serial, chambered in 9mm, had worked fine for years), the slide is jamming back after the first fired round.
Here's what is happening:

fire a round, the slide does go back - it's hard to tell if it goes all the way back, but the shell is extracted and yet still in the pistol, floating around inside the chamber/ejection port. There is not another round chambered, the remaining rounds are still in the magazine. The slide is back about 1 inch and frozen, you can't pull it back or push it forward (by hand). With a fairly gentle tap from a hammer, you can get the slide to go forward.

Location of the slide where it freezes- if you look at the right-side profile of the Tok (like on the top of this board), the extractor will be lined up with the grip- draw an imaginary line straight up, and thats where the extractor is. Not the port, the extractor.

First time this happened, I brought it to my LGS, who is also an authorized repair site for Winchester, Ruger, Bersa and several other makes (in other words, they should be decent smiths, not just yokels who stand at the counter and sell you stuff). The guy tapped it back into place and said it was soft steel, "a known issue with Norincos", and told me I should just get rid of the gun. Before I do that, I want to see if there might be something I can do to restore the pistol to usable condition; it's a neat little shooter and I got it at a nice price (around $70 a few years ago).

SO; I ordered a new recoil spring from Wolff's, hoping the last one was worn out. That spring is a lot longer and a real pain to get in place, it was snaking all over the place (but a quick check on Google led to remarks that is ok, and that the spring would "set" fine). Took it to the range, and no love: first round, jammed slide again.

2 further observations: the rinky-dink safety was rattling around, it seemed to have lost one of the mounting screws. When I removed the other screw, I'm not for certain but it sure looks like that screw has sheared- might there be junk in some mechanism? I took the other screw out now, along with the external safety lever, and the gun will dry-fire.
Also, in looking at the hammer assembly, I think it MIGHT be a little out of alignment; not quite seating flush into the frame. Or rather, when it is fully flush with the frame, I think the rails may not be quite flush. Of course, I hadn't looked that closely at it before having troubles, it might always have had a tiny little wiggle to it...

The frame SEEMS to be square, level and straight along the rails, per the "eyeball" test. The slide will rack smoothly by hand. The issue is only with a fired round. I'm stumped, so far- I removed the external part of the safety, in the hopes that it was somehow causing the hammer group to unseat (and cause the jam); my next idea was to find a recoil buffer and see if that would help. The only place I can test a live-fire is a local range for $15, and I don't want to run up a big bill trying 1-shot fixes until I "get it right". Any suggestions? Maybe a new hammer group from somewhere? Is there something internal with the safety I need to remove too?
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Re: Question about Chinese T 54- slide jams

Postby scoobysnacker » Fri May 22, 2015 11:32 am

Hi, sorry for the late follow-up, I've been very busy with family issues. I finally had time to fiddle with this particular gun again, and have solved the problem. I removed the crappy safety entirely, and cleaned the crap out of the gun.

Whatever metal those screws were made of, it sure doesn't appear to be steel. Darn things were crumbling, leaving fine metallic sand and dust residue. My guess is that this stuff would mix with the oil and become a paste, and cause the frame to seize up. It would crumble a little more with basically any movement, so as long as the safety itself was present I'd have it reoccur.

After removing, I cleaned the crap out of the pistol and blew it out, then used Mobil 1 synthetic grease instead of gun oil on the slide rails and the underside of the slide; anywhere there appeared to be wear.

Gun works fine again.
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Re: Question about Chinese T 54- slide jams

Postby Garandman » Sat May 23, 2015 2:54 am

I am sorry I missed this.
I am glad you fixed it.
Another reason to dislike those US government mandated safeties.
Be sure to. Clean out the extractor as well. Some carb cleaner, and blow it out with comprised air. Whatever works fir you.
My brother s Russian was giving him trouble. I had to pull it out. There was a large amount of burnt powder gumming it up.

Again, sorry I missed your first posting on this.
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