New M57, New Problem

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New M57, New Problem

Postby Calhoun » Wed Nov 12, 2014 2:58 pm

Finally got a new M57 to replace the one I was having problems with in my previous posts. New pistol, new problem.

I've only put a couple hundred rounds (all factory ammo) through the new M57, but now after I fire 4-5 rounds, the "coupling retainer" (Item #3 in IPB in manual, also referred to as "fork-like lock" in text) is backing out of position and off the pistol.

I called Century to request a new retainer, but they tell me they don't stock parts. I've also looked on several websites for this part, but have had no luck.

Anyone else have this problem? Is it likely just a matter of getting a new retainer? If so, recommendations on where to get the part would be appreciated.

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Re: New M57, New Problem

Postby Garandman » Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:13 am

Sorry for your troubles. I did a quick search of known suppliers off the top of my head, all are out if stock. We had a list of parts suppliers posted, but I can't find it here either.
If you are in a hurry try
If you can wait try numrich arms. They are out of stock, but may get more. They are also the cheapest. is expensive, but out if stock.
I'll post places that actually have them when I can.
As an aside, look at both the long U clip , does it have the "lips" on the inside edge to hold onto the slide catch? And the slide catch, are the groves, top and bottom well defined to engage with the clip?
3rd, is the slide catch going all the way thru the frame so the U clip can engage the grooves?
Sometimes they can be bent slightly, tho I've never tried it.
To avoid bending it, it should be slide straight back, and straight forward when stripping and reassembling the pistol so as not to stretch the clip.
I wish I could help more, but I sold my last set of spares last year.
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