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New Member from NY

Postby RP3543 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:35 pm

Hello Everyone!
Years ago a had a TT-33 (a very beat-up Vietnam bring-back), sold it when I moved to the east coast and have regretted it ever since.
(Both selling the gun AND moving to the east coast!)
So I recently purchased a new Zastava M57 and a couple hundred Starline cases. I've shot several boxes of factory thru it...can't complain.
Definitely more accurate than my old one! I'm looking forward to breaking this gun in.

I'm primarily interested in handloading information, specifically with cast bullets. The indoor range I use has a jacked bullet restriction so if I want to shoot this thing at that range I need some decent cast bullet loads.

I'm also interested in any information anyone has on aftermarket sights. The factory sights are not horrible but can be a bear to pick up against a black bullseye. One of your members posted about a modification he did to his Tok and mentioned the sights he applied to the gun.
The thread is 3 years old and seems to have died but I'd like to find out more if possible.

Well, thanks for having me and I look forward to participating.
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Re: New Member from NY

Postby Garandman » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:46 pm

Welcome back to the Tokarev family. They are addictive. Sorry about the tt 33 you sold. I've only ever lived in the east, so I can't compare the west coast.
As to the sights... " Night fire is impeded by the flash upwards....distracting at least. The Trijicon sights are pin front (.45 Officer) and the rear (now changed to fully adjustable tru-dot) are HK - USP. I had fixed glock rear but missed the height, shot low. "
That's all the info in the post. You may be able to send the op a pm for more details.Or post your question on his posting, or start a new one with your question in the header.
I have no real experience with mods, just building from stock parts.
Brownells, or MidwayUsa should have the sights described. A new hammer can be found on eBay, or so you don't ruin your original hammer.
The m57 has the advantage of being the only Tokarev with a dovetailed front sight, so it would be a fairly easy job for a good gunsmith to make the change.
Good luck.
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