Howdy from Washington state

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Howdy from Washington state

Postby dancitizen » Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:48 pm

Howdy all,

Long time 7.6225 enthusiast and gunsmith from the pacific northwest joining up here.

I always enjoyed tinkering with the John Browning pistols but as 1911s have climbed in price I found it a bit pricey for a casual project. Then I thought back to the TT family and started really considering their potential.

I firmly believe that the TT could be the next popular platform for customization, and even if the public doesn't go for it, I will.

I have always loved the 7.62x25 but am also thinking of the multi caliber potential for the TT since I have seen them in .380, 9X18, 9x19, 9mm largo, 9x23mm, and .38 super.

I also wonder about making a long slide TT, and maybe a compact.

Sorry, got rambling there.....

I just picked up an M57. I intend to leave this gun in basically original condition and to focus on smoothing it up and just generally gaining familiarity with the platform.

Thank you all for providing such a great community for fans of the TT.
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Re: Howdy from Washington state

Postby Garandman » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:23 am

Welcome to the forum.
If you want more Tt 33's, has Polish and Romanian Tokarev s in stock now.
I like all mine.
They are so easy to work on.
Only annoyance is the lack of spare parts. And the cheap ammo and quality Chinese mags have dried up as well.
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